TROLLEY WASH SERVICES GmbH cleans shopping trolleys for interested business customers worldwide in collaboration with selected cooperation partners.

We bring our own cleaned and germ-free special shopping trolleys with us to our cleaning operations, which we then make available to your customers while your shopping trolleys are being cleaned. We thus ensure that the ongoing shopping business is not interrupted.

The TROLLEY WASH SERVICES concept includes the following services, which are offered as part of the agreed price per branch. Alongside the certified premium cleaning, travel and the complete cleaning of the trolley shelter is also included in the price.

TROLLEY WASH premium cleaning

1. Manual pre-washing by our staff with a special cleaning agent
2. Automatic cycle in the TROLLEY WASH as follows:

  • All-round brush cleaning of the shopping trolleys with warm water
  • Brush cleaning of the inside of the basket and in particular of the handle
  • Efficient all-round cleaning with warm water using washer nozzles
  • Rinse cycle using fresh water with simultaneous addition of disinfectant
  • High-shine drying

3. The TROLLEY WASH SERVICES employees subject the shopping trolley to a thorough final inspection in the output area.
4. Intensive manual after-care for the handle and the basket with the help of disinfectant cloth.
5. The TROLLY WASH quality sticker is applied.

The shopping trolley shelter area is completely cleaned, which means:

  • Dry basic cleaning
  • Wet detailed cleaning
  • Manual after-care and drying
  • The wash water is suctioned away and disposed of cleanly in the sewer.

Lastly, the visual inspection of all shopping trolleys for damage is included in the agreed price per branch. Impurities are removed from the wheels, and the following repairs are carried out if necessary:

  • Replacing the wheels
  • Changing the handle
  • Restoring the coin slot
  • Replacing the child seat
  • Renewing the bumper
  • Changing the advertising panel on the handle/front

The most necessary materials and spare parts are always carried along by our TROLLEY WASH.