How professional cleaning of shopping trolleys can help containing the coronavirus

The food markets are an important place to secure basic supplies and a place where there is a lot of contact.

The statutory regulations are designed to protect employees and customers. An important part here is the cleaning and disinfection of the shopping trolleys.
In addition to this exceptional situation, more attention must be paid to the continuous and professional cleaning of the shopping trolleys in order to continue to offer the necessary protection against viruses and bacteria in the future.

Containment through hygiene on the shopping trolley

The shopping trolley is proven to be one of the largest virus and bacterial spinners in public spaces. Since the walk to the supermarket is still allowed, this will unfortunately have a significant impact in this crisis. In contrast, only professional cleaning at close intervals helps.

How the cleaning works

Specialists drive up to the supermarket with the Trolley Wash
All shopping trolleys are cleaned and disinfected with the Trolley Wash in a closed system
The Trolley Wash goes to the next branch
Depending on the booking, the Trolley Wash comes at regular intervals

Should we come to your supermarket?

Then prompt the manager in your supermarket to commission the professional cleaning of Trolley Wash Services!

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