Pure Danger!

More and more customers are aware of the dirty truth!

On behalf of the German Broadcasting Corporation, hygiene expert and microbiologist Prof Reinier Mutters of Marburg University Hospital studied shopping trolleys in various supermarkets.

Dirtier than public toilets

Often, an ordinary shopping trolley harbours more germs than any public toilet!

Moist germs and mould

The experts discovered moist germs and mould on all of the shopping trolleys tested.

Consumers want clean shopping trolleys.

From many conversations with customers, it is clear that prevention of infections by means of hygiene is becoming increasingly important, particularly in the food retail sector.
This is more than understandable in view of this statement from Prof Reinier Mutters:

“From a microbiological perspective, public toilets are to some extent cleaner than the tested shopping trolleys of these supermarkets – with respect both to the germ type and quantity.“

Let Cleaner explain the problem

Did you know...


This has recently been proved by hygiene expert and microbiologist Prof Reinier Mutters of Marburg University Hospital.

that in isolated cases, faecal bacteria like Escherichia coli were found on the handles of shopping trolleys?

Escherichia coli is among the most common causes of infectious diseases.

that bacteria can survive for a long time in a moist environment and may be resistant to antibiotics?

Shopping trolley often provide a great environment for bacterias to prosper.

that mould was found on shopping trolleys?

Some types of mould can lead to infections, allergies and even poisoning?

that we are in danger twice a week on average?

The average Austrian uses a shopping trolley twice a week, resulting in a high risk of contamination?

that high pressure cleaners can't fix the problem?

High pressure cleaners don’t provide the cleaning quality, to remove the dangerous germs and bacterias and to get the shopping trolley clean.

High Pressure Cleaner

The high pressure cleaner doesn't get the shopping trolley clean!

Dirty water

The dirty water is neither collected nor recycled.

Aerosol cloud

The cleaning with a high pressure cleaner results in an aerosol cloud, which disperses dirt and pathogens into the environment.

No cleaning with brushes

Neither proper brush cleaning nor hygienic disinfection is carried out.

Quality problems

It is impossible to maintain the same level of high cleanliness from the first shopping trolley to the last with a high pressure cleaner.

The Solution