The Trolley Wash


Plenty of space for shopping trolley spare parts in the spare parts warehouse


Fully hydraulically assembled and disassembled in less than 5 minutes


1100 liters of fresh water and 750 liters of process water tanks


Marketing presence included! Get started right away with Reiner


60 to 100 shopping carts per hour, fully automated

Mobile shopping trolley cleaning with WOW-effect!

The patented Trolley Wash brings dirt, germs and bacteria on shopping trolleys to an end!
The Trolley Wash pulls up right in the car park in front of the supermarket with its integrated, fully automatic wash system and cleans and disinfects shopping trolleys at the highest quality standards.

Highest quality

The Trolley Wash offers always the same high cleaning quality.

Closed System

Neither dirty water nor an aerosol cloud gets out of the Trolley Wash.


The used water gets environment friendly recycled by the Trolley Wash.

How it works

The cleaning with the Trolley Wash is done in multiple steps.


The TROLLEY WASH pulls up right in the car park in front of the supermarket with its integrated, fully automatic wash system. It carries water and electricity completely self-sufficiently, along with it.


Our staff ensures that all the shopping trolleys are fed into the TROLLEY WASH and are removed back to the trolley parking after cleaning.


During cleaning, all trolleys automatically pass through the various stations in the wash system: washer jets, rotating washing brushes, high-shine drying and disinfection.


In addition, any necessary maintenance and repair work is carried out on the shopping trolleys. The Trolley Wash has the most common spare parts with it.

Quality Assurance

Each shopping trolley then gets the Trolley Wash quality sticker which will be renewed with the next visit.

Quality Assurance

The Trolley Wash then continues on to the next supermarket. Without leaving any evidence behind, of course, since it is also equipped with waste water tanks.


Pure Benefits for Retailers


The Trolley Wash is an absolute competitive advantage and will pay off for you by means of detour profitability.

Customer need for shopping hygiene

The Trolley Wash satisfies the increasing customer need for shopping hygiene and perfectly fulfils the HACCP hygiene standards.

More safety for customer and employee

The Trolley Wash is safer for your customers and staff: Thanks to the automatic brush cleaning inside the self contained wash cabin the aerosol cloud, which is common with manual high-pressure washes, is prevented. This way, neither dirt nor germs are spread.

Unique marketing advantage

The Trolley Wash offers a unique marketing benefit with the well-thought-out Trolley Wash Services concept and a dense network of vehicle locations from which we can quickly cover all of your branches.

Great for your image

The Trolley Wash promotes customer retention, is good for your image (“cleaning show” right in front of the market) and can also be communicated as an attractive USP in marketing.

Increased lifespan of shopping trolleys

The lifespan of your shopping trolleys get significantly increased, by regularly cleaning and maintaining them.

Welches Reinigungsmittel wird verwendet?

Im Trolley Wash wird das, durch Prof. Dr. Reinier Mutters von der Universität Marburg, zertifizierte Reinigungsmittel Thermosept NDR verwendet.

Wie kann ich die Reinigungsmittel-Zertifizierung prüfen?

Schicken Sie uns eine E-Mail an und wir lassen Ihnen die Zertifizierungsdokumente gerne zukommen.

See for yourself

Advantages for the consumer

Pure Benefits for the consumer

Purest shopping experience

The purest shopping experience you can imagine!

Clean and maintained

Freshly cleaned and perfectly maintained shopping trolleys – without dirt, without bacteria, without germs.


More peace of mind – lower risk of disease.


Great hygiene, including and above all for food shopping.


Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the program, between 60 and 100 shopping trolleys.

No, the Trolley Wash brings the water for the shopping trolley cleaning in it’s own tanks.

The standard tank sizes are 1100 litres for the fresh water tank and 750 litres for the recycling water tank.

The Trolley Wash can power itself fully self-sufficient dring the complete shopping trolley cleaning process, by using the auxiliary drive of the vehicle. However we recommend operation by using an external 32 amperes three-phase.

The Trolley Wash is by default built on a MAN TGL 12.220. Under certain conditions, other vehicles can be used too.

Diese Frage beantworten wir Ihnen gerne bei einem persönlichen Gespräch. 🙂

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Trolley Wash Connect

Always connected

All Trolley Washes can be monitored by the owner. From water level, to the counter of the cleaned shopping trolleys, everything can be monitored and analysed.


The Trolley Wash is quite a piece of innovation. From Industry 4.0 to regular updates and improvements over the air.

Customer oriented

The highest quality is our highest priority. It doesn't matter to us how small or big the customer is.

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