Our partners ensure perfect shopping trolleys!

One of our partners comes directly with the Trolley Wash to your site and take care for cleaning and maintaining all of our shopping trolleys, with wow-effect.


The Trolley Wash cleans all shopping trolleys in all supermarkets with premium quality. Much more efficient than any high pressure cleaner.


Trolley Wash Services does, what Trolley Wash Services says it does. Take us at our word.

Customer oriented

Our top motivated Trolley Wash Services partner do everything possible, not just to make our customers happy, but to exceed their expectations.


For our planet

Closed Cycle

The Trolley Wash has a closed water cycle including water treatment and its own tanks for proper disposal of the used water.

Certified detergent

The Trolley Wash does only use biodegradable and certified cleaning supplies.

No aerosol cloud

The closed water cycle of the Trolley Wash prevents the creation of aerosol clouds, that are often created by high pressure cleaners. Because of that we prevent the transfer of many germs and bacterias.

Video to explain the process

Become Partner

You are interested in new business opportunities or you want to jazz up your already established service with the Trolley Wash? Then become our partner and profit from the benefits.
We are looking forward to that.

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